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Perhaps one of themost challenging projects around your home is assembling a sporting goodequipment or furniture that you have purchased and you would like it to lookexactly like the demo model you saw at the store– or better yet. We, atHandyman On-Time, offer a full range of on-site assembly services to help youaccomplish such projects.

This means you can spend your personal time doing activities you really enjoy rather than reading the often complex and unclear instruction manuals, assembling the item you purchased and realize that column A is not really aligned with column B or the unit is not as sturdy as you think it should be! Let us save you the time and aggravation and spend your leisure time on leisure activities.

We are convenientas well as affordable. From assembling bicycles and trampolines to furnitureassembly and sporting equipment assembly, we are your go-to professionalassemblers and we guarantee you an exceptional experience. We will give you aflat rate over the phone and schedule the product assembly around your busy schedule.

Find out how convenient and affordable our onsite assembly services are. Request a free estimate today!

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